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JR Burns Plumbing will take the time necessary to understand your requirements. We will work with you to create methods for best practice procedures. We need to established and followed the procedures to maintain industrial and commercial plumbing equipment safely.

We provide commercial plumbing services to Sydney’s Inner West.

We work together with business managers, real estate agencies, and developers to create plumbing maintenance plans that keep equipment running without surprises.

Commercial Strata Managers and Real Estate agents can rely on 24-hour emergency plumbing services to keep their clients happy. We can unblock drains (outside and inside), fix water leaks and replace hot water systems as required.

Please contact Jamieson (0414 552 828) to talk about your equipment.

Pace Electrical – Site Surveillance

Pace Electrical Site Surveillance
Pace Electrical – Site Surveillance

There are dishonest people onsite, and there are unscrupulous people that visit sites. Your equipment, tools and material end up missing. Copper theft continues to be at epidemic proportions, even when prices fluctuate. Theft is the most frequent cause of equipment loss–some five times more common than vandalism in most years and construction sites are always a tempting target for vandals.

Most construction sites have no human security in the off hours or irregular security patrols that prove to be inefficient and ineffective. They can tell you that the equipment is gone, not what, when, where, why or how? 

Insurance coverage may offset some of the replacement costs, but not the disappointment and frustration of wondering what happened and who you can trust.

You will have lost time to purchase new equipment. You will be out of pocket paying for the equipment, while you wait for the insurance if it gets approved. 

The insurance company may seem a little challenging to deal with and come up with some clause about the location that you parked your ute, or the toolbox security not being sufficient.

 The result is more expense and lost time. Lost time on the job, lost time replacing tools and equipment and lost time documenting and filling out insurance forms. 

Make a site security plan to protect your equipment, tools and time.

  1.  Have a written site security policy and a precise site protection plan for each worksite.
  2. Ask your insurance company to clarify the claims process and define what is and is not covered before you take your equipment on site.
  3. Document an example claim form and process to follow so that you can complete the process quickly and easily. When the time comes to do this, you are not going to be in a good state of mind, and having a way to reduce the frustration will be worth the effort.
  4. Assign supervisory safety obligations and inspire protection awareness amongst all employees. 
  5. Your site security policy should include the local police and fire services contact details. Go and talk to your local police to make sure you understand the process to follow. Letting them know about the site and equipment may encourage them to visit or drive by, which can also help prevent theft. 
  6. Contact neighbouring properties and inspire them to report suspicious activity. Make it worth their while. It can save you time and money.
  7. Correctly identify equipment and property onsite, so there is no confusion.
  8. If available, use secure perimeter fencing as a primary line of protection, and clearly identify your trespass policy with signage.
  9. Lock up equipment and secure vehicles in accordance with your insurance policy requirements.
  10. Restrict traffic where possible to one entry to the site.
  11. Ask personnel and subcontractors to agree to and follow the site security policy.
  12.  Ask personnel and subcontractors to report any incidents of theft or vandalism.
  13. Install a Pace Electrical site surveillance system to record all traffic in and out of the site. Site surveillance is a deterrent and provides a secure record of site practices. 24 /7 video surveillance can record what happened and increase your chance of material recovery. Motion detection recording and reporting can increase your chances of criminal detection and apprehension.

I recommend that you talk to Kevin Pace, Pace Electrical 0411 969 731 about your construction site and event security system needs.

Podiatrist Inner West Sydney

Who is the right podiatrist for your feet in the Inner West of Sydney? All podiatrists study and become accredited before they can practice their craft, so what makes them different and how can you tell who can provide the service that you need.

For general podiatry needs, the answer is probably any podiatrist in Sydney’s Inner West is capable of treating an ingrown toenail or discomfort caused by a bunion.

What if the problem is biomechanical. For a podiatrist to be able to diagnose and treat leg length difference or flat feet, plantar fasciitis, ankle, knee and back pain caused by incorrect foot alignment, they must have experience in identifying the underlining cause of the problem.

Neil Smith is a Certified Pedorthist C.Ped.Au, specialising in Orthotics and Biomechanics. Neil invented the Vertical Foot Alignment System to correct foot alignment while standing. His weight-bearing correction technique will revolutionise the procedure in place for stabilising the foot position for casting after foot surgery.

The Foot Alignment Clinic has 5 locations in and around Sydney. All 5 Foot Alignment Clinic locations use the VerticalFAS patented technology when treating patients. 

Gavin Johnston is a physiotherapist with over twelve years of private practice experience. He has had a particular interest in biomechanics and postural problems. Gavin has worked in Australia, England and Austria with a wide variety of patients, including full-time athletes such as the Newcastle Knights team, Australian Ski team, national level rowers, elite ballet dancers and various rugby teams. 

Gavin is currently practice principal of East West Physiotherapy, the Foot Alignment Clinic Hunters Hill.

Beth Fechner | Experienced in Podiatry and High Risk Feet. Originally from Melbourne, Podiatrist Beth Fechner completed her studies at La Trobe University in 2008. She studied Podiatry to help people with pain and keep them active. Since commencing work with Neil and the Vertical Foot Alignment System in 2016, Beth has been able to correct foot posture within the tissue’s ability to move, therefore produce more effective orthotics. 

“I had not been able to consistently achieve this when using traditional casting methods.” “

Beth is available by appointment:

Call Beth: 02 9516 3547

46 Sydney St
Marrickville, NSW 2204.

Shop 3, 189 Kent St
Sydney, NSW 2000.

Suite 5, Level 1, 267-277 Norton Street. Leichhardt, NSW 2040.

Keeping Pace with our Electrician | Pace Electrical

I want to tell you about Kevin Pace from Pace Electrical. Kevin and his team have come up with a very unique concept for site security. Security and surveillance systems have been the norm for a long time, but Kevin and his team have created a very unique concept of taking the surveillance mobile.

They have created mobile towers with surveillance cameras and recorders that you can take with you from site to site or to events. Currently deployed across Sydney constructions sites to protect equipment and staff.

I have been involved in connecting up site surveillance and try to find the best position to mount the cameras and then trying to get the cabling back to a safe place to put the recorder. With wireless technology this have become easier but still not a great.

Problems are caused by signal interference and the distance across the site. You also have to be aware of the surveillance equipment being stolen or damaged.

This mobile security solution is great for construction sites, but I think they would be great for music festival and other events where making sure the public is safe is a top priority.

Great concept, well done Kevin.

Kevin Pace and Pace Electrical. Highly Recommended.

Call Kevin 0411 969 731

Introduction to Beth Fechner, Podiatrist Sydney

Beth Fechner is a podiatrist at The Foot Alignment Clinic, Marrickville and Leichhardt clinics in Sydney.

Originally from Melbourne, Podiatrist Beth Fechner completed her studies at La Trobe University in 2008. She studied Podiatry to help people with pain and keep them active. Beth has worked in Hobart and Sydney, mostly in private practice. She spent 2 years at the Royal Hobart Hospital working with “high risk feet” – people at risk of ulcers or amputation. Beth has experience working with people of all activity levels, from pre-schoolers to 90+ year olds.

If you need a Podiatrist in Sydney, and you have sore feet from winter sports or you are warming up for the running season, you may encounter some common foot problems that can be addressed in a general podiatry treatment:

-sore toenails – either from being ingrown or thickened nails from damage/fungal infection

-blisters- treatment and future management options

-callous – hard skin, which can feel like it burns with repetitive movements such as running or walking

-corns – deeper, more concentrated areas of callous that hurt and feel like you are walking on a pebble

-peeling skin or rashes

Make an appointment with Beth to get your feet fixed. It just makes sense, rather than walking in pain for long periods of time, let her help you.

Beth is my go to podiatrist is Sydney

Before & after photos of corn removal (supplied by Beth)

A before photos of corn removal

An after photo of corn removal by podiatrist Beth Fechner at The Foot Alignment Clinic

A Passion For Online Search

Enjoy the game of online search and Warren’s passion for search is a great resource for learning about online search. If you want to learn the online-search game and all the complexity behind search, you need to start doing your research.

Follow this video designed to show you the power of Google Search. This video shares the story of a young man studying abroad, in France, meets a girl, works our a distance relationship, gets a job in Paris, get married and has to learn how to put together a baby crib. All in 52 seconds.

If you understand how to search, you can learn anything. You can then also learn how Google finds the results that it lists on Google Search.

There are some marketing strategies listed that give a fantastic insight to online search and SEO. I recommend that you take the time to have a look.

Lydia Penn | The King and The Colony

Lydia Penn | Cover Image

Lydia Penn, author of “A Time To Love” has created a parable of creation and disappointment. If the King were looking at what we have become would he do the same? When Will Power is so strong and so misguided, the results will make you want to just start all over again and let the colony reach it‘s own demise.

Lydia Penn started writing 18 months ago and has complete 22 stories, take to time read her insightful parable of how our creator must be looking at us now.

I recommend that you visit Lydia Penn’s Page in

Lydia Penn | A Time To Love

I have been working with Lydia Penn on the story “A Time To Love“. We have been writing together for the past 18 months. Her writing is evolving and her characters are now part of her life.

The Amazing part of Lydia Penn is that she started writing late in life after we were discussing her diary. She told me that she learned to keep a diary from her father. He kept a diary all of his life and she kept it when he passed.

I said that she should write stories about what is in the diary. She agreed. Imagine being able to reference actual places and diary entries for the last 100 years. Lydia has been able to include factual information from the diaries into her fiction work.

At the time of writing this recommendation, Lydia Penn has created 23 stories, all available at

“A Time To Love” by Lydia Penn, is a family story of love and betrayal, lies and death. No available on Amazon Kindle.

I recommend it for your next time out from reality.