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Lydia Penn, author of “A Time To Love” has created a parable of creation and disappointment. If the King were looking at what we have become would he do the same? When Will Power is so strong and so misguided, the results will make you want to just start all over again and let the colony reach it‘s own demise.

Lydia Penn started writing 18 months ago and has complete 22 stories, take to time read her insightful parable of how our creator must be looking at us now.

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Lydia Penn | A Time To Love

I have been working with Lydia Penn on the story “A Time To Love“. We have been writing together for the past 18 months. Her writing is evolving and her characters are now part of her life.

The Amazing part of Lydia Penn is that she started writing late in life after we were discussing her diary. She told me that she learned to keep a diary from her father. He kept a diary all of his life and she kept it when he passed.

I said that she should write stories about what is in the diary. She agreed. Imagine being able to reference actual places and diary entries for the last 100 years. Lydia has been able to include factual information from the diaries into her fiction work.

At the time of writing this recommendation, Lydia Penn has created 23 stories, all available at

“A Time To Love” by Lydia Penn, is a family story of love and betrayal, lies and death. No available on Amazon Kindle.

I recommend it for your next time out from reality.