I was looking for someone that could help me with my sore feet, a podiatrist near me that would accept an appointment. A Google search was talking about a Chiropodist. I tried to find one and quickly found out that a Podiatrist is the now common term in Australia for a Chiropodist.

A Chiropodist and a Podiatrist are medical professionals dedicated to studying, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the feet, ankle, and lower legs. A chiropodist is an older term, not as often used in Australia.

Suppose you are searching on Google for a professional that can help you with foot pain or discomfort. In that case, I recommend that you try to find a “local podiatrist” by entering the term podiatrist and then the suburb or location.

EG: “podiatrist leichhardt” or “podiatrist marrickville”

It seems that the Foot Alignment Cinic in Marrickville and Leichhardt are the place that I have been searching for. Neil, Beth and Rachel are great, I highly recommend them. Give them a call 02 9516 3547.