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Searchonline.com.au and Warren’s passion for search is a great resource for learning about online search. If you want to learn the online-search game and all the complexity behind search, you need to start doing your research.

Follow this video designed to show you the power of Google Search. This video shares the story of a young man studying abroad, in France, meets a girl, works our a distance relationship, gets a job in Paris, get married and has to learn how to put together a baby crib. All in 52 seconds.

If you understand how to search, you can learn anything. You can then also learn how Google finds the results that it lists on Google Search.

There are some marketing strategies listed that give a fantastic insight to online search and SEO. I recommend that you take the time to have a look.

Lydia Penn | The King and The Colony

Lydia Penn | Cover Image

Lydia Penn, author of “A Time To Love” has created a parable of creation and disappointment. If the King were looking at what we have become would he do the same? When Will Power is so strong and so misguided, the results will make you want to just start all over again and let the colony reach it‘s own demise.

Lydia Penn started writing 18 months ago and has complete 22 stories, take to time read her insightful parable of how our creator must be looking at us now.

I recommend that you visit Lydia Penn’s Page in Inflection.cloud

Lydia Penn | A Time To Love

I have been working with Lydia Penn on the story “A Time To Love“. We have been writing together for the past 18 months. Her writing is evolving and her characters are now part of her life.

The Amazing part of Lydia Penn is that she started writing late in life after we were discussing her diary. She told me that she learned to keep a diary from her father. He kept a diary all of his life and she kept it when he passed.

I said that she should write stories about what is in the diary. She agreed. Imagine being able to reference actual places and diary entries for the last 100 years. Lydia has been able to include factual information from the diaries into her fiction work.

At the time of writing this recommendation, Lydia Penn has created 23 stories, all available at https://inflection.cloud

“A Time To Love” by Lydia Penn, is a family story of love and betrayal, lies and death. No available on Amazon Kindle.

I recommend it for your next time out from reality.

Reliable Electrician

One Vision Electrical Installing Pool Lights
Peter Bacales – Onevision Electrical – Carlingford

Hi Peter,
Thank you, Peter, for your promptness and professionalism in the work you and your apprentice carried out on the pool. I am sure we will have you back if further electrical work is needed now that we have your details.

We will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends if they are
are looking for a reliable electrician.

Thanks again.


Contact Details:
Mr Peter Bacales, One Vision Electrical. Ph: 0434 260 857
Local Carlingford Electrician

I love the little wren – perfect for the spot

Paul Margocsy Wildlife Artist Testimonial

Hi Paul

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and journey as an artist.  I am not sure how much the Chief has helped and how much is your willingness to experiment and learn.

I have never used gesso before, just worked on water colour paper, and this has opened my eyes to a whole new world of “pushing pigments” around.

Above is a link to a digital resource that is, I think, your wonderful Gould League book.

I am totally inspired.  Not sure where this will take me but certainly another look at the water based mediums.

I love the little wren – perfect for the spot


Sue Dunlop

Wildlife Art

Paul Margocsy Wildlife Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern

It is indeed a privilege to be able to acknowledge Paul Margocsy’s contribution And commitment to our appreciation of Australia’s Native Bird Life over many Years.

I have personally invested in many of Paul’s works which hang proudly in my Home; particularly the kingfisher’s and sapphire blue fairy wrens.

Some how and with a gift for detail; Paul has been able to take us into Unique characteristics of each bird species.His whimsical descriptions of Their gathering’s and grouping’s are hilarious.

We are all blessed to have such a dedicated individual focused on his Considerable Talent & Craft. Best Wishes Paul Margocsy and keep up The excellent work on whatever Wildlife you choose to paint in the future.

Your’s Sincerely

Paul Erskine
CPM.FAIM.Affil Inst Engrs(Aust)

#paulmargocsy #art #painting

For Paul Margocsy – Wild Life Artist

Paul Margocsy Bird Painting

We have known Paul since the mid ‘70s and had become close friends when he bravely abandoned his full time job and risked all by taking a punt on his skill as an artist. 

His beloved wife Pam was very supportive as were all his friends who absolutely knew what a great skill he possessed. 

We have watched him evolve over the past forty odd years from a struggling, but extremely talented painter of children’s murals, to the highly successful, award winning artist that he is today. 

Paul’s success as an accomplished contemporary artist is even more profound as it was achieved in the absence of any formal training. 

He has managed to maintain a currency of style and content not often found in this area of artistic pursuit. 

Paul is also an in demand painting instructor on a national basis – travelling extensively throughout Australia to share his talent.

We have become the proud owners of several of Paul’s paintings and his children’s murals have been loved by our three daughters over the years. 

Cheers and love 

Rob and Annie

PS. Visit his new facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/paulmargocsywildlifeart

Paul Margocsy Wildlife Artist

Paul Margocsy Wild Life Artist

Paul Margoscy

I would like to introduce you to an extraordinary talented wildlife artist, Paul Margoscy.

My wife and I met Paul at wildlife artists exhibition in Melbourne in 1996. Paul won first prize on that night and we were captivated by the detail of the birds that he included in his painting. We were so enthralled with his work, that we commissioned him to paint some pheasants for us.

We have met with Paul many times over the years since and have attended many of his exhibitions which have displayed his works. Each time he holds an exhibition, the viewer is taken on a journey through the natural wonder of our Australian native birdlife.

I have seen the works of other artists who have painted birds, but I have not seen many others who have captured the fine detail of such a wide variety of birds that are the hallmark of Paul’s skills as an artist.

Whether the bird that he paints is alone or with others or is in flight or still, Paul not only depicts the environment that the bird lives in but provides a visual experience to the viewer that encourages them to find out more about Paul and the very extensive list of paintings that he has done.

His work is not only recognised here in Australia, but he has many of his works included in both private and public collections in Asia and Europe.

Paul’s artistic talents are legendary.

Follow Paul’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/paulmargocsywildlifeart

Graeme L Smith

Inflection.cloud – The Story of Lydia Penn

The Story of Lydia Penn

I have been helping Lydia and her late husband, Edwin for many years with their computers and internet. I would often drop in for a cup of tea and a chat just to see how they were going. A traditional old English couple. They enjoyed art, books, tea and conversation. Edwin was a very religious man, he enjoyed his garden and shed, always working on projects to help Lydia. His health was fading when I met him for the first time. Lydia would spend her days looking after Edwin and painting landscapes. Her easel and paints, canvas and brushes on display in the spare bedroom, her creative space.

When Edwin passed, I was worried about Lydia. She seemed to be alone. Our conversations changed to community care visits. I just knew if Lydia was well enough to talk, she would get through anything. Even if it was just complaining about her situation, while she was talking about it she would be OK.


Lydia’s calls became less frequent, she seemed to be getting into a new routine. When I did visit, Lydia seemed older and less mobile. Still coping on her own but the loneliness was showing on her face. Lydia’s grief counsellor suggested that Lydia write down how she was feeling and continue with her journal. Sometimes talking about the way you feel can help, and if you don’t have anyone to talk to regularly, you should write your feelings down and then you can bring all your feeling up the next time you meet.

It was Thursday morning. My schedule was full. Lots of running around picking things up, dropping things off and getting things done. My days are full of distressed people needing my help. I am the local tech support guy. The go-to guy when anything is broken. It is very rare that I get a call from someone to say G’day or thanks. Usually, the conversation starts will, “Waz, I need your help”.

Today was different because this story starts yesterday.

At 7 pm Wednesday, the phone rang, “Mrs Penn” came up on caller ID. “Hi Lydia, how can I help?” I said. “Oh, I’m in a spot of bother and I wonder if you could help me”, said Lydia. “Of course”, I said. Not knowing what was wrong or worried about the request that was coming. I just figured I would work it out. “I have had a falling out with the carer that takes me shopping and I wonder if you could help, I know you were doing that Uber thing and thought you might be able to take me to the shops, I’ll pay you for it,” said Lydia. Of course, I’ll take you, you don’t have to pay me, I am happy to help”, I said. “No, No, this has to be a business transaction so I can call on you again, if you won’t let me pay you, I can’t do it,” said Lydia. “Ok”, I said. The minimum Uber transaction for me was about $9.00. I pay my son Coops pocket money of $10.00 per week, so if you pay Coops $10.00, I’ll pick you up, take you shopping and bring you home every Thursday morning. “Oh Warren, I may not need it every week, but that would be wonderful,” said Lydia.

Thursday Morning Checklist:

  • Get out of Bed
  • Get ready for work
  • Take my bride to the bus stop
  • Take the boy to school
  • Visit Lydia

Each Thursday morning, I would drop Coops to school and drive over to Lydia’s house to take her shopping. Lydia was always waiting at the door with her $10.00 in her hand to pay me before she would get into the car. We would chat about the family and our new kitchen renovations, Lydia loved to be in the kitchen, cooking her pears and preparing her meals.

Today would be different.

We navigated the hustle and bustle of our poorly planned local shopping centre to find a spot close to Coles. I try to get as close as possible so Lydia doesn’t have far to walk. I grabbed a small trolley, it is Lydia’s preferred and set out behind Lydia down an aisle. Still spritely for her age, slightly curved and disheveled, not happy to be there, she saw the shopping as a chore that had to be done, not a pleasant departure for the day. We visited Coles and Aldi’s, searching for the best value in veges and sauce. Very thrifty, getting value for every dollar, which is necessary for our pensioners today. Finishing up at the bank and the post office to pay her bills.

I loaded the car and navigated our return to Lydia’s for tea. I carry the groceries inside and place them on an old wooden trolley that Edwin made, standing in the middle of the kitchen. I turned Lydia’s computer on, so I could help her with her emails. In our conversations, Lydia had mentioned keeping a diary of her entire life and also having the diary of her father. I was fascinated, so much history kept away from the world. A personal view of life that has seen so many changes. “You need to write some stories”, I said. “How did you know I could write” Lydia replied. “I didn’t”, I said. “I just assumed that a person that has kept a diary there entire life would be able to put pen to paper and create a great story, I know you are creative I can see it in your paintings.”, I said.

Conceived less than 5 days before, on a coffee table with steaming black tea, white sugar and a single silver spoon. Lydia Penn was reborn. She blessed this world with more than 80 years experience. Ready to touch the hearts of thousands with her stories.

Prior to Lydia’s rebirth, she was an aged, fragile woman, lacking purpose and waiting to join the minions of community aged care members. Ready for imprisonment in the cells of despair, with very little to imagine or dream about. That’s how Lydia described the aged care system in our country.

Lydia is unable to use the computer well enough to write her stories. She works better with pencil and paper. But the funny problem was that Lydia couldn’t read her own writing. She warned me about this early, so I wasn’t sure I would be able to work it out either.

Thursday morning came around and I again dropped Coops off to school and visited Lydia for her morning shopping. After about an hour and 30 minutes, we were back at Lydia’s, sitting at the dining room table, ready to have tea. A white plastic document folder was on the table with 6 sheets of A4 paper, each filled, and numbered with a dark pencil. The top of the page was the title: “Travails of a trolley”, by Lydia Penn.

“I have finished my first story,” said Lydia. It has taken a few edits to get right, but I think it will be OK.”

I was excited to read it. I didn’t know what to expect. I had not read anything Lydia had written before. The look on her face was total satisfaction. I was seeing for the first time a lady that was proud of herself and confident that she had taken the first step on a new path. I was convinced that I was witnessing something monumental.

I started reading a descriptive short story of Lydia and Edwin traveling with luggage that seems to have a life of its own. The story was not about their trip but about the luggage. I was fascinated and compelled to get to the end to find out what happened. “Wow, what a great job. Well done!”. I said. “Give me a few days, I will type it up and create a website to put everything online. We can add some advertising. Over time your stories can become little digital assets that can earn some income for you. You never know you could become a published author, earning a living from writing stories. “I don’t understand all this website stuff or the advertising, but it seems very exciting,” said Lydia.

I created a domain named https://inflection.cloud. An inflection is a significant change to the story that is told. I created this domain for 2 reasons, first, it was available, second, it symbolizes the change in Lydia. That point in time, over tea and the dining room table that took a frail old lady to a confident person with a purpose. The significant change is how Lydia now sees the world. As an Author! Lydia now has a purpose. As an author, Lydia spends her time researching her next story, editing and writing the current story, reviewing and promoting her old story. This small change in attitude has affected everyone around her. The relationship with her son has started on new terms, they now have something to talk about.

I look forward to every Thursday when I get to be part of the inflection.

True Story by Warren Moore.

The Story of Lydia Penn

Reborn 19/5/2018

A purchases point of view and a sellers point of view

We decided to sell our home through Fresh when we purchased a property that they were selling. Which means we have been lucky enough to deal with Aron and his associates from a purchases point of view and a sellers point of view.

From a purchases point of view Aron was able to engage us at the open home, without being one of those pushy real estate agents that you can’t wait to get away from. He was able to answer all of our questions and highlight all the great features of the property we were purchasing while still giving us the space to look around. During negotiations for the property we built a great rapport and it was obvious that he was a trust worthy agent and obvious that he was trying to get the best result for his clients.

When it came to selling our property, Aron really took the time to make sure we were comfortable with the process and on board with his marketing plan. Our home sold the weekend it was listed and for a fantastic price. Aron kept us up to date during cooling off period and his communication on the settlement of both properties has been great.

You have to use Fresh Property Agents to sell your home!!

Cherie and Brett Donnelly

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