Paul Margoscy

I would like to introduce you to an extraordinary talented wildlife artist, Paul Margoscy.

My wife and I met Paul at wildlife artists exhibition in Melbourne in 1996. Paul won first prize on that night and we were captivated by the detail of the birds that he included in his painting. We were so enthralled with his work, that we commissioned him to paint some pheasants for us.

We have met with Paul many times over the years since and have attended many of his exhibitions which have displayed his works. Each time he holds an exhibition, the viewer is taken on a journey through the natural wonder of our Australian native birdlife.

I have seen the works of other artists who have painted birds, but I have not seen many others who have captured the fine detail of such a wide variety of birds that are the hallmark of Paul’s skills as an artist.

Whether the bird that he paints is alone or with others or is in flight or still, Paul not only depicts the environment that the bird lives in but provides a visual experience to the viewer that encourages them to find out more about Paul and the very extensive list of paintings that he has done.

His work is not only recognised here in Australia, but he has many of his works included in both private and public collections in Asia and Europe.

Paul’s artistic talents are legendary.

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Graeme L Smith