I want to tell you about Kevin Pace from Pace Electrical. Kevin and his team have come up with a very unique concept for site security. Security and surveillance systems have been the norm for a long time, but Kevin and his team have created a very unique concept of taking the surveillance mobile.

They have created mobile towers with surveillance cameras and recorders that you can take with you from site to site or to events. Currently deployed across Sydney constructions sites to protect equipment and staff.

I have been involved in connecting up site surveillance and try to find the best position to mount the cameras and then trying to get the cabling back to a safe place to put the recorder. With wireless technology this have become easier but still not a great.

Problems are caused by signal interference and the distance across the site. You also have to be aware of the surveillance equipment being stolen or damaged.

This mobile security solution is great for construction sites, but I think they would be great for music festival and other events where making sure the public is safe is a top priority.

Great concept, well done Kevin.

Kevin Pace and Pace Electrical. Highly Recommended.

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