We have known Paul since the mid ‘70s and had become close friends when he bravely abandoned his full time job and risked all by taking a punt on his skill as an artist. 

His beloved wife Pam was very supportive as were all his friends who absolutely knew what a great skill he possessed. 

We have watched him evolve over the past forty odd years from a struggling, but extremely talented painter of children’s murals, to the highly successful, award winning artist that he is today. 

Paul’s success as an accomplished contemporary artist is even more profound as it was achieved in the absence of any formal training. 

He has managed to maintain a currency of style and content not often found in this area of artistic pursuit. 

Paul is also an in demand painting instructor on a national basis – travelling extensively throughout Australia to share his talent.

We have become the proud owners of several of Paul’s paintings and his children’s murals have been loved by our three daughters over the years. 

Cheers and love 

Rob and Annie

PS. Visit his new facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/paulmargocsywildlifeart