Rewarding Good Service

It’s sad and terrifying to think of the impact Covid19 is having on many lives, not only the sickness and deaths but also the living. The people that survive the virus still have to face their future with the economic impact about to come.

I am seeing more reference to BC and AC. Before Covid-19 and After Covid-19. The unknown portion of this idea is not knowing when the “After Covid-19 will begin”.

For many small business people around the world, surviving the virus will result in deep depression and worse, because everything that they have worked for will be taken away.

As bad as this is going to be, please remember that you can not think rationally under stress. You will not be able to re-invent yourself if you are under stress. Take the time to brush everything off and relax. Think about small changes to your business that can keep you going in uncertain times.

I learned yesterday of a market place on a small street, now in lockdown, no customers allowed to visit the market, and around 20 small businesses now effected. One shop that has a van for delivering bread put forward the idea to do home deliveries for all the shops if they had phone or online orders. The business turnover is reduced and a bit more difficult to complete, but they are now able to stay in business. Group together and help each other, you will be able to get through this.

The new norm is

  1. Working from home
  2. Getting things delivered

How can you change your business to supply demand to the new norm? If you make clothes for fashion, right now hospitals and old age homes need clean sheets. Start making sheets, masks and gowns to keep people safe.

If you have a restaurant, start supplying family size meals that can be stored or frozen and deliver them to families not as a takeaway meal, but as meals for the week. Good food that will keep people healthy.

If you are a gym, learn to use zoom and skype, connect with your clients one on one and let them borrow your equipment to workout from home, people will continue to pay a membership for personal service if they can survive and keep earning money.

Take the time to think of every opportunity that you have to make a difference.

I have 2 sites that may be of assistance:

  1. Total Commitment Cloud

Government jobs will probably be unchanged until the bean counters get involved at the next budget meeting. I don’t think anyone is going to be safe. Countries are governed and elections are won based on the economic and social management of the country. If one part of the 3 necessary conditions for stability is lost, governments are removed.

The 3 necessary conditions for government are:

  1. Manage the economy to create growth now and into the future.
  2. Manage social conditions to improve lifestyle now and into the future
  3. Provide satisfaction to the global solution now and into the future.

These 3 conditions equate to

  1. Look after the money
  2. Look after The People
  3. Look after our contribution to the planet.

All government laws and policies are covered by these 3 necessary conditions.

Covid19 has interrupted all 3 necessary conditions for government, The money has been spent trying to look after the people and our borders have been blocked removing trade and making countries concentrate on local conditions.

All government will soon have to look at the changes necessary to secure the necessary conditions for government. Governments that do this well will manage to stay in government, others will not and their people will take the brunt of their poor decisions.