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Some times when you have a good tradie, you just want to keep them to yourself, because you know they will end up getting too busy. Jamieson and his team have been around a long time and they are just good operators.

They provide Sydney gas fitting services for residential and commercial gas fitting needs in Sydney.

Their experienced plumbers and gas fitters are a trusted name in Sydney, providing first-rate, reliable services. We can provide 24 / 7 emergency response to ensure your safety.

Their List Of Services:

  • Gas Installation
  • Gas Bayonets
  • Gas Bayonet Fitting
  • Gas Pipe Repairs
  • Gas Pipe Fittings
  • Gas Plumber
  • Gas Pipe Installation
  • Gas Heating
  • Installation of Gas Appliances
  • Repair Gas Leaks
  • Gas Plumbing
  • Solar Hot Water System Installation
  • Installation of Gas Appliances
  • Repair Gas Leaks
  • Gas BBQ Installation
  • Gas Heater Installation

How to Recognise a Gas Leak

Gas leaks have specific signs, and you need to pay attention. It will require using all of your senses to detect the cause of the problem. You may smell a “rotten egg” smell and bubbling of wet or flooded areas. When testing for leaks, we apply a detergent solution to fittings to help detect any leaks. The detergent will bubble around the area that the gas is leaking. Dust particles may blow when there is enough pressure from the leaking appliance or fitting. Or a hissing sound may be heard coming from a gas leak. All of these signs are very dangerous. If you can smell, hear or see a gas leak, please leave the area and call our 24 / 7 emergency gas service number.

24/7 Emergency Gas Service: 0414 552 828

If you can safely perform the following actions, you should. The keyword here is “Safely” otherwise leave the area and stay safe.

  • Immediately turn off your gas supply from your meter
  • Turn off all gas appliances
  • Open all windows and doors in the entire building

JR Burns Plumbing are certified gas fitters and can work with natural gas and LPG line installations and repairs. Whether renovating a yard with the installation of a gas barbecue or simply replacing gas fittings or needing existing gas lines moved, whatever the repair or installation, JR Burns Plumbing is capable and qualified.

All jobs dealing with gas are dangerous and should be left only to professional licensed gas fitters. We are ready to support you for new installations and repairs or upgrades.

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Commercial Plumbing Sydney | JR Burns Plumbing

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JR Burns Plumbing will take the time necessary to understand your requirements. We will work with you to create methods for best practice procedures. We need to established and followed the procedures to maintain industrial and commercial plumbing equipment safely.

We provide commercial plumbing services to Sydney’s Inner West.

We work together with business managers, real estate agencies, and developers to create plumbing maintenance plans that keep equipment running without surprises.

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Commercial Strata Managers and Real Estate agents can rely on 24-hour emergency plumbing services to keep their clients happy. We can unblock drains (outside and inside), fix water leaks and replace hot water systems as required.

Please contact Jamieson (0414-552-828) to talk about your equipment.