To anyone thinking of selling a property

Sam Khalil
Sam Khalil

To anyone thinking of selling a property,

We first came across deVille when we viewed a property a few years ago. Immediately we were impressed by their friendly and professional manner and so when a few years later it came to us wanting to sell our property, we asked them to come out and have a look to see what they though.

We had 4 agents look at our property, 2 of which we ok but we did not find them to be in the same league as deVille and another who were cheap but just seemed to want a very quick and easy sale, which they would no doubt have got had we accepted their appraisal which turned out to be $45,000 less than what we actually got thanks to the team at deVille.

We have found the whole team at deVille to be exactly what we were hoping they would be – knowlagable, interested, very professional, informative, easy to talk to and not at all in your face, pushy or in the slightest bit patronising which we found some other agents to be. They were also very considerate of the fact that we have a 4 year old and 10 month old twins so they never arranged viewing timed that would be difficult for us.

Our home was different to other int he area as it had a larger block but not as large a house as come others on the street and area, but the marketing strategy put together was obviously well thought out and in the end the results spoke for themselves as it took a very short time of 4 weeks for our property to sell. deVille worked hard negotiating for us and we received a great price because of their dedication!

We would highly recomend deVille to anyone wanting to sell their property. They made the whole process very easy for us and got us a fantastic result!

Stuart & Abigail Job

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